Three Delightful Irish Coffee Recipes, #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

When Daylight Savings Time coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the perfect time for some Irish coffee! Plus, it’s a nice way to stay warm beneath the winter chill. So, put on some green, gather some clovers, and pour an Irish coffee mug full of this delightful treat. Here are three of my favorites:     Bailey’s Irish Coffee from INGREDIENTS 1 cup hot premium coffee 1 ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream Whipped cream DIRECTIONS […]

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Irish Honey Cream, #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

Irish Honey Cream 1

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I wanted to share a sweet Irish treat to bring you some luck: The Irish Honey Cream.   INGREDIENTS 1 oz. Irish cream 1/2 oz. scotch 1 tsp. honey Mint leaves (for garnish)     DIRECTIONS Combine Irish cream, scotch, and honey in a shaker. Shake and pour into a glass of crushed ice. Garnish with mint leaves. Enjoy! Now, what to wear on March 17…?

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The Royal Clutch Bag

Cocktail Clutch 1

If you’re anything like me, you’re curious to see what celebrities tote in their high-end clutches. There’s something fun about checking out what brands keep your favorite starlet camera ready and seeing what they can’t live without. A biographer once told ABC News about the essentials that Queen Elizabeth carries in her signature, color-coordinated Launer purses.      I was delighted to learn that I had much in common with the Queen. We both keep […]

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Dress of Rose, #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

Dress of Rose 1

This gorgeous drink came across my Instagram feed and, of course, the name spoke to me. Enjoy the pink and tangy “Dress of Rose” from @best_cocktail_ on Instagram:   INGREDIENTS 40 ml, Hendrick’s Gin 25 ml, lemon juice 15 ml, grenadine syrup infusion on dried roses 15 ml, egg whites   DIRECTIONS Shake. Garnish with dried roses.    

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My Secret Clutch…

Dress for Cocktails Cocktail Clutch 1

This week, I’m letting you in on a little secret. All of my life, I’ve loved pretty colors, pink bows, and dressing up.  I’m a girlie-girl through and through…but that’s no secret. Amidst raising kids, running a few companies, and serving as a strong woman in many capacities–I am proud to have maintained my own style and manner. Yet, my passions haven’t had the opportunity to take center stage–until I made it a priority   […]

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Palm Beach Martini, #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

Palm Beach Martini 1

This Palm Beach Martini sings all things fancy to me. The cocktail’s happy color and semi-sweet taste made for one of the yummiest martinis that I’ve ever enjoyed. This martini is the featured cocktail of Palm Beach, Florida’s legendary Ta-boo. From the moment we entered the elegant Worth Avenue bistro, we felt like stars! Ta-boo has a contagious, vibrant energy that’s complimented by stunning palm and zebra decor.     Mr. Dasch-ing and I had […]

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Draped in Fabulousness

Draped in Fabulousness 1

As you all know, living life colorfully brings me great joy. There’s something so uplifting about bright decor and whimsical designs. That’s part of the reason why we chose to spend our 10th anniversary at Florida’s The Colony Palm Beach.     After our trip to West Virginia’s The Greenbrier last summer, I fell in love with Dorothy Draper Fabrics and Wall Coverings. The Colony’s sherbet-colored walls, floral fabrics, Brazilliance carpet, white trimmings, and ornate touches […]

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Just in Time For Sunset… #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

There’s something dreamy about a sunset here in the Cayman Islands. So, turquoise-blue waters under pink and coral skies are my inspiration for this week’s #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush. This one came to me in a plastic cup, perfect for poolside sipping: the Cayman Sunset.      Warm breezes, salty air, and the hot sun made this Cayman Sunset cocktail the perfect thirst quencher. I discovered that’s easy to make and I’ll surely be crafting this at […]

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A Romance With Life

Romance with Life 10

It might surprise (or not surprise) you Dress for Cocktail-ers to know that for many years, I was a career romance coach. In that role, I wrote The Long Distance Romance Guide and Love Letters Now. Interviewed by hundreds of magazines, newspapers and televisions shows, I studied romance and what it means to have a romantic spirit. Byant Gumble told me during one morning interview,” You are lovely, you are smart, you are sweet.” It […]

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Three Champagne Facts and Six Champagne Cocktails, #ThirstyThursday #CocktailCrush

Champagne Facts 1

I have always enjoyed a little Champagne, whether for an evening wind-down or a festive party wind-up. There’s something whimsical about the sweet concoction; its festive, ever-moving bubbles; and the way it tickles your mouth. But other than the fact that I love the bubbly, I’ve never actually known about its origins. So, I did a little research and thought I’d share some Champagne facts with you, in advance of Valentine’s Day. (Now, you have something […]

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