A Romance With Life

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It might surprise (or not surprise) you to know that prior to launching Dress For Cocktails and my line of bow adorned clutches and handbags, I was a career romance coach. In that role, I wrote The Long Distance Romance Guide and Love Letters Now. Interviewed by hundreds of magazines, newspapers and televisions shows, I studied romance and what it means to have a romantic spirit. When Byant Gumble told me during one morning interview about my work, “You are lovely, you are smart, you are sweet,” I knew I was on a bright path!

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Through my work as a romance coach, I discovered the truth about romance: It isn’t just for lovers, and it doesn’t have to come from someone else. Romance starts with the relationship you have with yourself, and it begins with falling in love with your life! Romance can be a part of your life every day if you make room for it.

So for Valentine’s day, I’m sharing my four pillars of a romantic spirit that will guide you to living romantically:

Passion: Immerse yourself in what you love. And I don’t mean “things” necessarily. Whatever your your mission may be, an appetite for cooking, or creating something you love — dive in. For me, one of my greatest passions is living colorfully. And it shows in all I do.  My homes, my wardrobe, and now my line of handbags at Dress For Cocktails.  Even my thoughts are filled with bright colors because it truly brings me joy. 

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Vitality: Take good care of you. Energy is what sustains us. Much of our time is spent caring for those around us with our family, our work, and our community. Fueling your body with nutrients and strengthening your physical being, will give you the stamina you need to live a fulfilling life. So take the time and nurture yourself!

Magic: What you look for, you will find. Magic happens all around us. I love to see it play out in serendipity. Begin a wave of unexpected and delightful gestures, and see how it spreads. Acknowledging the wonders that exist around you enhances your romantic spirit.

Comfort: Mind your manners, and others will reciprocate. Set boundaries, and graciously define them to others. Determine your style, and immerse yourself in it. Trust your instincts and insights. Living in this zone of your comfort creates confidence and self-love.

When you are in love with your life, you’re more connected to the world around you. You are passionate about your relationships and your career, your health, and your well-being. You attract relationships and opportunities effortlessly. Your spirit is alive. You are on fire! Filled with passion and possibility, everything in your life just seems to fall into place.

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Cheers to romance, with life!


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  1. Leslie,
    This is just beautiful and it is all so very true! Life is what we make it, we are in charge of our happiness, love and well being. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words. And, Happy Valentine’s Day to you my sweet sweet friend.

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