Cocktails for Clutches

To celebrate my Holiday Collection of Cocktail Clutches and Bows, Mr. Dasch-ing and I hosted a cocktail party here at our home in Winter Park.  We scheduled the party with only 2 weeks notice, beginning a mad rush to get our little cluster of cottages ready for company.  There’s nothing like an impending party for getting things done around the house.

All the projects we’d been planning to do “someday” turned into “we need to do them right now!!”  I’m sure you’ve had a moment in your life that sparked a newfound sense of urgency to make it happen.  This was ours.

So we set out with a list…a new flagstone sidewalk, which then grew to a flagstone patio off the pool, a fresh color for the front door (I chose flamingo pink, and Mr. Dasch-ing agreed ;-), garden clean up with new sod, and a makeover for the boathouse.  You can imagine the stress level reached a high note throughout the process. But that’s to be expected.  The good news is, we accomplished the ENTIRE list – hooray!!

On top of all that, amidst the 2 weeks, I was thrilled to be holding 2 trunk shows.  One in Winter Park at the most charming boutique, Arabella on Morse, and the other at The Monogram Merchant in Orlando, a delightful shop filled with all sorts of goodies.  It’s such fun to host these shows where I get to meet so many lovely girls.  Mixing and matching bows to create the perfect clutch combinations is a treat. Here’s darling Melissa Tsales, with one of her latest acquisitions.  Once you have one clutch, you must have another so you can interchange both bows and clutches!!

On Thursday evening we welcomed our guest of honor for the weekend, the very talented and delightfully effervescent Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch Blog.  Paige stayed with us here at Marsh Rabbit Run while she visited Winter Park and held events in town.  I was so glad we completed our Boathouse makeover in anticipation of her arrival.  When a designer extraordinaire like Paige comes for a visit, you can imagine the decorating pressure I felt!  She was such a delightful guest, that in the end I think she would have loved either the before or after, but I was proud to have her stay in the “after.”    

When hosting a party, without a party planner, it’s nice to have friends or a helper, who can assist with pre-party set up, and ongoing party maintenance.  In this case, it doesn’t get any better than to have the magnificently talented Paige Minear styling tables and gussying things up.  Along with my dear friend Libby, and our helper Jorge, the evening was set to be magical.  During our soiree, I was delighted to have my dad mix cocktails for those wanting one, while directing others to the “Grape” Bar or beer station.  I’m going to share his Party Bar Plan in a future post, as you’ll want to download it and save it for your next party.  It’s a must have!!

For me, a caterer is a must, as the hostess should be mingling with her guests, not working away in the kitchen.  We served shrimp tacos and elegantly prepared sliders, along with some other yummies.  You don’t have to break the bank with the caterer, people will remember the fun they had more than anything.  I was delighted that they loved the food too!!

I will confess that I overbought in the booze department.  So we’re set for at least two more parties – ha!  The good thing is it doesn’t go bad. 

As tokens of celebration, cookies in the design of my Cocktail Clutches were given out to our guests.  They were almost as cute as my clutches.  During the evening guests played with my new collection of Holiday Clutches, mixing and matching bows on the new sparkle and velvet designs. 

Conversations flowed, cocktails crafted and music played…I believe the party was a smashing success!!

Leslie & Richard Dasch



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