Tea with Mom

Tea with mom
I have to confess that I was terribly bashful growing up. Some of my earliest memories are doing whatever it took to stay home with my mom and avoid my dreaded pre-school or Kindergarten class. Whatever little Leslie did often worked, and Mom would acquiesce. Then, off we would go to the Valley View Tea Room of Hutzler’s Department Store.
 mom garden
The grand and stately room, where Mom and I would sip tea, overlooked Maryland’s Towson Valley. We would chit-chat underneath a painting that looked much like Claude Monet’s “A Sunday On La Grande Jatte.” However, our version was of a group picnicking on the lawn of Maryland’s historic Hampton Mansion during the 1800s.
Sitting amidst the other ladies lunching, these were lovely and special times with my mom. Once first grade began, the days of skipping school for teatime were over. Instead, my mom placed a delicate pot of Twining’s Earl Grey tea on my dressing table. Some say that she spoiled me, but I saw it as pure love and a little extra warmth while I got ready for school.
Fortunately, I have both my Mom and my Dad right next door. “Marsh Rabbit Run,” here in Winter Park, Florida is comprised of four homes on the edge of beautiful Lake Virginia. Being able to share our lives together–Mr. Dasching, Mom, Dad, and I–on a daily basis, is a great joy.
With Mother’s Day coming this Sunday (May 14), I celebrate my mom and all the moms out there, as well as to being a mom and stepmom to six amazing children. My Mom has always said that the nicest gift that I could give her is my time. And while cherished moments are always a given, I like to find something to make her smile. Here are some things that I’m looking at that your mom might like, too.

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