Holiday Hoopla Champagne Negroni

Champagne Negroni with a Pretty Cocktail Clutch

All this holiday shopping, decorating and parties surely makes a girl thirsty! So I’m sipping one of my favorite cocktails today with some extra fizz.  I’ve always loved a Classic Negroni.  It’s an easy drink to make with equal parts Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth.  It is typically garnished with an orange slice. To jazz things up a smidge, I’m adding a little bubbly on top.  You can serve this pretty pink cocktail up, or […]

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Dressing Up the Holiday Table

Nothing says the holidays like a festive table dressed for your favorite guests.  Even better is when it’s set al fresco.  That was our plan for Thanksgiving, however Mother Nature had other plans.  I knew from the weather report that it was going to rain on turkey day, but I wanted to play table-dress-up anyway.  So the day before Thanksgiving, my daughter-in-law, Stephanie, and I staged our table – as we had dreamed.   It […]

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Pomegranate Punch Cocktail

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

After a fun weekend in New York for my birthday, it’s nice to be home in sunny Florida.  I love an adventure, but in my heart I’m a homebody.  I love the space we’ve created here at Marsh Rabbit Run.   Mr. Dasch-ing and I often scrap our plans for heading out, and choose instead to sit lakeside in the Adirondack chairs, or have cocktails and snacks right at at our kitchen counter.   Upon […]

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Changing Leaves in Martha’s Vineyard

Porch Rocker

The lore of changing leaves and cooler temps beckoned us north.  Mr. Dasch-ing and I set off in search of fall weather, and we surely found it on our trip to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard.  While we’ve been to Boston many times, neither of us had ever been to Martha’s Vineyard.  So after a couple of nights in Beantown, we drove south to hop on the ferry to MV.   Staying at the most delightful […]

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Cocktails for Clutches

To celebrate my Holiday Collection of Cocktail Clutches and Bows, Mr. Dasch-ing and I hosted a cocktail party here at our home in Winter Park.  We scheduled the party with only 2 weeks notice, beginning a mad rush to get our little cluster of cottages ready for company.  There’s nothing like an impending party for getting things done around the house. All the projects we’d been planning to do “someday” turned into “we need to […]

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Hurricane Cocktails to Calm our Nerves

I have to confess, I’ve been glued to the Weather Channel all day! Watching the slow churn of Hurricane Irma and the varying spaghetti strings is stressful. Seeing the devastation in her path is heartbreaking. With the cone covering the entire state, it’s difficult to figure out what to do and where to go. We will heed the guidance of the Officials. Fortunately, we have our getaway on the Gulf Coast, so we may head […]

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How to Dress the Bedside Table

Cottage life is charming, and challenging. Since 2014, Mr. Dasch-ing and I have made our home in Winter Park Florida. Having moved here from our now get-away home on the Gulf side of Florida, we are happily at home in our cluster of cottages on the Chain of Lakes that we call Marsh Rabbit Run. Making this our primary residence, meant decorating in a more purposeful fashion. Our cottage has turned out to be my […]

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Five Things I Love about “The Art of Southern Charm”

Five Things I Love about "The Art of Southern Charm"

I’ve just finished the last pages of The Art of Southern Charm, by Patricia Altschul. An enchanting summer read, it’s filled with snippets of her glamorous life mixed with tidbits of etiquette and advice. There are many things I found delightful about Patricia. Below I’m sharing my favorite takeaways, but be sure to grab a copy as there are so many gems to devour. 1. She encourages hosting cocktail parties… If you haven’t guessed, I […]

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Here’s to you Buffie


In 2011, I paired a pretty green dress I made from a Vogue pattern with a lime margarita. When I showed it to my brother, Jeff, an idea was born. Immediately we knew that “every dress deserves a cocktail, and every cocktail deserves a dress.” So over the next few months, I worked away sewing dozens of dresses in various styles and matching them with cocktails. Our plan was to mix fashion, celebration with travel […]

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Earth Friendly = Earth Pretty

Earth Friendly = Earth Pretty

If you’re reading this, you’re like me in that we like to surround ourselves with prettiness. In our homes, our gardens, in what we wear, and what we create. So I’ve decided to re-commit to keeping our earth pretty too! I’ve always been a recycler, and yet there’s more to maintaining a healthy planet than just separating out out the Champagne bottles. So I’m sharing with you the ways that I strive to keep our […]

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